A little about me

After five years as a personal trainer, and three as an online nutrition coach, I’m fed up with the way the industry is heading. Conflicting information, statistics and pseudo science are used daily to confuse, baffle and bewilder all in an attempt for somebody, somewhere to make money. That leaves some people very rich and whole load more confused, despondent and prepared to throw in the towel. Despite millions spent on research, technological advances, and scientific breakthroughs, obesity is still on the rise. With obesity comes the other diseases and illnesses associated with bad diet. I’ve used my knowledge and experience of the health and fitness industry along with my passion to help people understand how easy it is to live a happier and healthier lifestyle with No More Bolics!

My entire career has been spent sharing honest advice. I’ve built my reputation on it. My clients have told me they value the way I work because it’s based on truth. That’s why I’ve channelled what I do into something I can share with you all. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, but I’ve ensured that my 60 Day Challenge is affordable, sustainable and sincere. Let me show you that there is no “one secret solution” to weight loss, there is no “one simple exercise” to build muscle. I’ll tailor an eating plan to suit your body type and activity levels, as well as supporting you through your challenge so you can ignore the contradictory messages surrounding diet and exercise.

I’m not set on taking on the World. I just want to make a difference while I’m here. It’s time to ditch the fad diets and “get fit quick” gimmicks. That’s why I’m building a community who are ready to say #NoMoreBolics to the health and fitness industry.

What is the
No More Bolics
60 Day Challenge?