30 Day Mid Way Submission

32 days ago I went to two very good friends for dinner Chandler and Jason and what a fantastic meal and evening it was, that one night 32 days ago has changed my life for ever, unbeknown to me Luke Sumner-Wilson was also eating with us and I got chatting to him about weight loss and how over the years I have struggled to lose weight on diets , we discussed what I was eating and then I mentioned to him on average I drunk about 20 coffees a day with 2 sugars in , he was gob smacked and said to me if you carry on like this you could have massive health problems in years too come. At this time I was 16st 2 fed up, with no energy. so Luke suggested his 60 challenge to me “no more bolics” I cannot recommend this challenge highly enough. I am only 30 days into my challenge and already I have lost 2 stone and have so much more energy.

If you want to lose weight and to finally take control of your health then start the 60 day challenge today.

60 Day Final Submission

I’ve found the challenge to be really beneficial to my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Luke really gives the personal touch and is readily available to offer advice; whether that be via email or through the supportive ad dedicated Facebook group. I must admit, I didn’t fully complete the 60 days, purely because it fell within a time period when I was going on holiday, however I managed 5 weeks and the results are very noticeable. (I managed to lose just under a stone lost and many inches from my waist and hips).

It does take time, but stick with it! I’m glad I’m now equipped with the right tools to maintain my new figure as well as carry on with the plan/ adapt it to my lifestyle.

60 Day Final Submission

Jon – 55 lost a massive 2 Stone in just 60 Days. It just goes to show that age is just a number!

60 Day Final Submission

Doing No More Bolics has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I never thought I would enjoy exercise & yet I find myself down the gym four times a week. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition & I can’t thank Luke enough. He has helped me become a happier, healthier me!

60 Day Final Submission

The No More Bolics: 60 Day Challenge has well and truly changed my perception of food and exercise. I have never eaten so much food before and felt so amazing, all whilst losing fat and being in the shape of my life. This program isn’t a fad, it’s an education into how to really eat for you as an individual. Lukes support throughout really helped me stay on track and made the whole process effortless. I really couldn’t recommend the program enough and I’m excited to watch the program grow as more people realise just what Luke is doing! Thanks so much Luke. #NoMoreBolics


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